The Padreede Ascension is a small turboprop aircraft in Cartel County Roleplay.


The Ascension's design is based upon the Cessna 172 range, with a front end similar to the de Havilland DHC-3 'Otter'. The Ascension has some unique design aspects, such as external fuel tanks (The only accessible plane with this feature), a rounded vertical stabilizer and sliding windows (Which are open all the time, even in flight). There are three unique liveries for the companies BlockAir, CCLA and that of a private owner.

  • The BlockAir version features red and blue stripes and the BlockAir mascot, Brian the Buzzard, on the vertical stabilizer. The interior is also finished in red, with TV screens in the back of the seats.
  • The CCLA design features a white base paint with a green stipe down the side of the aircraft. The companies' emblem is also on each side, and the vertical stabilizer. A unique number code, 'STU-S4T10N', features on each example. This is also the only non-cargo aircraft to have no rear seating - it being replaced with computer equipment.
  • The private owner's version is plain white, with a blue interior.

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