The Kestrel is a small-sized SUV in Cartel City Roleplay made by RMC. It is a unique vehicle within the game, with it being the only SUV of its size and quality in its class - the nearest vehicle being the Colorado.


The Kestrel within Cartel City Roleplay resembles the 1979 - 1987 AMC Eagle range with influences on other AMC vehicles, like the Pacer-style rear and structure of an AMC AMX. It appears to have a V8 engine (Like most AMC vehicles of the time) and can reach a top speed of about 110 - good for a vehicle in that class. There are three different variants of the Kestrel - a stock version (Resembling the stock AMC Eagle 5-door sedan), a 'V8/44' model (Resembling the SX/4 version of the Eagle) and a 'Microwagon' model (Resembling the Kammback version of the Eagle, but with an AMC Gremlin-style front).


Compared to other cars in the SUV class, its performance is excellent, only being beaten by the Rexowagon. It has an approximate 0-60 time of 9.2 seconds, and a top speed between 110 - 120 (Depending on which version).

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